File locking / directory problem

Derrick Georgiades dgeorgiades at POWERENG.COM
Mon Jul 7 16:08:02 IST 2003

I am receiving the following messages on all emails in my maillog:

Jul  7 08:01:20 MailScanner[19668]: Cannot create + lock
rs file /queue/MailScanner/incoming/19668/h67E1I79019675.header,

Also I am getting these errors to my system messages log:

Jul  7 06:56:57  /usr/lib/nfs/lockd[193]: [ID 396295
daemon.error] t_accept(
file descriptor 5/transport tcp) TLI error 7
Jul  7 08:05:16 MailScanner[19986]: Cannot mkdir
anner/incoming/19986/h67E4g7K019935, No such file or directory

I am running MS ver 3.22-14 on Solaris 9.  MS has been running great for
months until now.
The only changes to the server prior to this error was another nic interface
was brought online.
If I su to my smmsp user that sendmail and mailscanner runs as I can create
files and directories in the incoming queue for MS.
It doesn't appear to be a permissions issue.  Does anyone know what an error
7 is for the lockd daemon?  Strangely I can still pass mail, but these
errors seem like it shouldn't.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Derrick Georgiades
POWER Engineers, Inc.

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