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Michael Weiner hunter at
Fri Jul 4 20:45:47 IST 2003

Thank you Gerry for your most recent post. This issue has been puzzling
me for sometime now, and i unfortunately havent really had the time to
"dig" into it like you have. I for one appreciate your letting the list
know, as i too use clam (and like it) and have been having issues with
MS when it goes to scan for virii. I posted a question to the list
sometime ago, but got no response. Thank you for your answer.

Michael Weiner
On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 15:22, Gerry Doris wrote:
> I and some others have experienced MailScanner freezes as a result of
> hangs when ClamAV virus files are being updated.  The latest one for me
> occurrd on June 29 at 7:00am EST.
> >From my log files it appears that when the clamav-autoupdate script is
> called and the ClamAV site doesn't respond then a lock file is left open
> preventing MailScanner from performing any virus scans.  In any case, mail
> continues to roll into but is not processed by MailScanner.
> MailScanner knows how many messages are in the queue and says that it's
> starting virus scanning...and that's all!
> I've modified the existing clamav-autoupdate script to include a timeout
> that hopefully will correct this.
> I am not by any means a programmer so please have a look at this and see
> if it does what I think it should!  I don't believe there's been any
> further hangs at the ClamAV site so I don't know if it fixes the problem
> or not?
> --
> Gerry
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