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Nathan Johanson nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET
Fri Jul 4 20:26:06 IST 2003


I'm getting ready to upgrade to 4.22-5 from 4.14-9 and I had a few
questions about the "new" Advanced SpamAssassin Settings. Before these
options were implemented, I added the following lines to
spam.assassin.prefs.conf in order to change the location of the bayes

bayes_path      /var/spool/spamassassin/bayes
bayes_file_mode 0644

It looks like this setting is now deprecated in favor of

SpamAssassin User State Dir =

I'm assuming I can safely comment out the former settings in
spam.assassin.prefs.conf and define the following in MailScanner.conf to
get the same effect?

SpamAssassin User State Dir = /var/spool/spamassassin/bayes

Correct? Or if I leave the new "SpamAssassin User State Dir" value
empty, will MailScanner continue to use my bayes settings in

If I'm using a vanilla SpamAssassin installation, I'm assuming the rest
of the Advanced SpamAssassin Settings (such as "SpamAssassin Local Rules
Dir" and "SpamAssassin Default Rules Dir") can be left alone. These two
options are used only if you prefer not to use
/etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf for some reason? Right? I'm
guess I'm a little confused by the difference between these two
configuration options.

Also, the MailScanner FAQ suggested setting the bayes_file_mode to 0644
(my current setting), but other places suggest it should be 0600. Does
it matter? 

Thanks in advance!


Nathan Johanson
Email: nathan at

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