MailScanner replacements

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Fri Jul 4 16:48:43 IST 2003


> Let's all play "spot the snake oil".
> Call a cynical old git if you like...

I second that Julian !!!

For years I have played around with different technologies to combat the rising
problem with spam/viruses. I can truely testify that MailScanner is far more
superior to any product out there, commercial or not.

I love the fact that it is flexible and not dependent *only* on one method or
technology. I love the fact that it is relatively easy to install. I love the
fact that it supports a wide variety of Antivirus products and Antispam
technologies and techniques.

Most importantly, the type of support we get from Julian and all the people on
this list is far superior than any commericial support, period. I remember an
incident when SA 2.50 had issues with locking. At the same time, I had an issue
with a commercial product that we use here, we pay this company thousands of
dollars annually for "support". I posted a message on the MailScanner mailing
list and it took Julian less time to fix the problem with SA than me getting
through the annoying recorded messages to talk to a support engineer to fix my
other issue with the product that we pay lots of $$$ for support.

Facotors like the above are crucial when evaluating and comparing products.
Julian provides a world-class consulting for all of us that to me is
unmatchable. Great job Julian !!!


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