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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Thu Jul 3 16:42:55 IST 2003

Ah - after chewing on your reply for a couple minutes I think you hit the
nail on the head.  It's the client that's doing it, not Exchange.  We're
using Exange 5.5 & LookOut 2000, so we're a bit behind you version wise, but
I just checked my client and turned off automatic processing of requests &
responses on arrival.  It would make sense that the client is where the
reply would generate from, not the server as the server may not know when
the message is actually read - just when it's retrieved.

So I guess egress filtering on auto-replies is the only practical option
unless you force all users to use a stock client profile where the
auto-replies have been disabled.  Not sure if the best place to filter is in
Sendmail or MailScanner - to new to both to make an intelligent guess, but
maybe others here can chime in...

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>Tried that already, i think (suspect!) that the only thing
>that that tab
>kills are the messages : "Your message has been successfully
>delivered to"
>for most (certainly not all, see the status reply because of which I
>started this thread) messages.
>There is absolutely no way to disable read/not read messages,
>at least not
>when your clients on Exchange are running Outlook 2000. Outlook XP
>supposedly has an option to disable this 'feature'. I even tried
>installing Microgarden Outlook Tools for Outlook 2000 but this
>only helped
>for about half of the messages received, for the other half
>Outlook was
>still happily reporting which e-mail went where and who read it.
>This is why I chose to kill the messages of based on subject
>headers. Even
>if the client could disable it I don't want to rely on my
>users to disable
>this feature to prevent leaking any information. I don't want
>anybody to
>know when my users read their e-mail, it's kind of embarrasing if a
>scretary says someone is out of office but they get a read
>receipt message
>a couple of minutes later on an e-mail they sent.
>I just checked my maillog after setting the options
>in my sendmail.mc but I still see read/not read messages being
>I hope that this line in sendmail.mc does kill the last of the
>successfully delivered/could not be delivered to messages.

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