ANNOUNCE: Version 4.22-4 released

Ron Broersma ron at SPAWAR.NAVY.MIL
Thu Jul 3 11:01:32 IST 2003

Strange, RBL checks stopped happening.  Turning on some debug revealed
that none of the entries in the Spam Lists file (spam.lists.conf) were
being found due to case mismatch.  Changing everything in
spam.lists.conf to lower case fixed the problem and RBL checks are
happening again for me.

My guess is that the following has something to do with this...
 > * Fixes *
 > - RBLs are converted to lower-case when read from MailScanner.conf.

Other than that, the new version looks great.  Thanks for the continued
support of an awesome product.


Julian Field wrote:
> G'day!
> I have just posted the new stable release 4.22-4 on the website.
> Major new features this time are
> - filetype detection regardless of filename, allowing you to allow/deny
> files of different type.
> - control over HTML forms in email messages, which have been used recently
> to try to extract passwords and credit card details from unwitting users.
> - control over the maximum size of any message, so you can limit the size
> of messages for dial-up users for example.
> Download it from as usual.
> All comments to me or the list.
> The full ChangeLog is this:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> - Added support for checking file content types regardless of their
> filename.
>   This uses the "file" command to work out the types of different files.
>   New additions to MailScanner.conf are "file command", "file timeout",
>   "filetype rules" (which work just like filename rules) and "log permitted
>   filetypes".
> - Added "Allow Form Tags" configuration option to ban HTML forms from
> email.
>   Requires almost no additional CPU load and is useful protection.
> - Added "Maximum Message Size" configuration option to limit the size of
>   messages for certain users. Handy for dialup users to save their download
>   phone bills. Obviously it works with a ruleset.
> - "Spam Actions", "High Scoring Spam Actions" and "Non Spam Actions" are
> now
>   set up so that the first matching rule will be used, rather than the
> sum of
>   all the matching rules. This means you can have 1 setting for a
> domain, but
>   before that have a rule for an individual user that over-rides the domain
>   setting.
> - MailScanner.conf file can now include "%name% = value" definition lines.
>   These "%name%" variables can then be used later in the MailScanner.conf
>   file and the rulesets, where they will be substituted with the
> appropriate
>   "value". This greatly eases switching languages.
> - Sophos.install script improved to make new versions work with sophossavi.
> - f-prot-autoupdate script improved to handle new F-Prot version 4.
> - Added bitdefender-autoupdate script from Alessandro Bianchi.
> - Added "default" overall black- and white-lists to per-domain
> black/whitelist
>   code in
> - Added code to to implement internal-only accounts that
>   cannot send mail to external addresses.
> - Improved comments in MailScanner.conf for "Max Children" setting.
> - Added (commented out) instruction to not use Bayesian stats engine in
>   MailScanner, with a comment about its need.
> * Fixes *
> - "channel error" detection bug in ZMailer support fixed.
> - All sender.* reports now have To: From: and Subject: in English to keep
>   sendmail and e-mail applications happy.
> - "$reportword" appearing in Postmaster notices fixed.
> - Added call to get logging working properly in clamav-autoupdate.
> - RBLs are converted to lower-case when read from MailScanner.conf.
> - Fix in signing clean messages containing single uuencoded attachments
> that
>   are then read using certain versions of Outlook 97.
> - MailScanner does not support Postfix without hashed queues. This
> situation
>   is detected and reported if it is found.
>   By default in all recent releases of Postfix (both 1.x and 2.x) hashed
>   queues are enabled, so just don't disable them.
> --
> Julian Field
> Professional Support Services at
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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