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Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Thu Jul 3 09:06:42 IST 2003

Tried that already, i think (suspect!) that the only thing that that tab
kills are the messages : "Your message has been successfully delivered to"
for most (certainly not all, see the status reply because of which I
started this thread) messages.

There is absolutely no way to disable read/not read messages, at least not
when your clients on Exchange are running Outlook 2000. Outlook XP
supposedly has an option to disable this 'feature'. I even tried
installing Microgarden Outlook Tools for Outlook 2000 but this only helped
for about half of the messages received, for the other half Outlook was
still happily reporting which e-mail went where and who read it.

This is why I chose to kill the messages of based on subject headers. Even
if the client could disable it I don't want to rely on my users to disable
this feature to prevent leaking any information. I don't want anybody to
know when my users read their e-mail, it's kind of embarrasing if a
scretary says someone is out of office but they get a read receipt message
a couple of minutes later on an e-mail they sent.

I just checked my maillog after setting the options

in my sendmail.mc but I still see read/not read messages being discarded.

I hope that this line in sendmail.mc does kill the last of the annoying
successfully delivered/could not be delivered to messages.

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Kevin Miller wrote:

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> >From: Remco Barendse [mailto:mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO]
> >
> >This is great, this is what I've been looking for for a long time :) :)
> >
> >Will this also block the read/not read messages?
> >
> >The problem I had was that I'm using Exchange as the mail server, this
> >linux box is only relaying mail to/from the internet <->
> >exchange server.
> >
> >Will the sendmail setting also work in this case where M$ Exchange is
> >gererating these annoying status messages that can't be disabled?
> Go into the IMS configuration area in Exchange Administrator, select the
> Internet Mail tab, then Advanced Options.  You can disable Out of Office
> responses and Automatic Responses to the Internet.  Hopefull the latter will
> put the kiebosh on what you're looking to kiebosh.  I squelch the out of
> office replies, but not the Automatic responses.  I'll be interested to see
> how that works for you.  Might want to turn those off myself...
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