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>From: Remco Barendse [mailto:mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO]
>This is great, this is what I've been looking for for a long time :) :)
>Will this also block the read/not read messages?
>The problem I had was that I'm using Exchange as the mail server, this
>linux box is only relaying mail to/from the internet <->
>exchange server.
>Will the sendmail setting also work in this case where M$ Exchange is
>gererating these annoying status messages that can't be disabled?

Go into the IMS configuration area in Exchange Administrator, select the
Internet Mail tab, then Advanced Options.  You can disable Out of Office
responses and Automatic Responses to the Internet.  Hopefull the latter will
put the kiebosh on what you're looking to kiebosh.  I squelch the out of
office replies, but not the Automatic responses.  I'll be interested to see
how that works for you.  Might want to turn those off myself...

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