Cron e-mail

Rodrigo Scarano rscarano at
Wed Jul 2 23:54:47 IST 2003

Hello all
I've added a command on my update_virus_scanners script (called on the
cron.hourly directory) to redirect the output of the ${UPDATER} to a file:
  #echo Updating $NAME
  logger -p -t update.virus.scanners Updating $NAME
  ${UPDATER} >>/usr/local/uvscan/updnai.log 2>&1

Today I had a dat update (McAfee - 4275) and I didn't receive a mail (root)
of cron telling me that the update was done ( and I know it was because I've
see it on my updnai.log file).

Anybody knows what I have to do to receive this e-mail ???

Tks for any help.

Rodrigo Scarano
Target Sistemas
rscarano at

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