ANNOUNCE: Version 4.22-4 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jul 2 16:36:02 IST 2003

At 16:19 02/07/2003, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
>>I have just posted the new stable release 4.22-4 on the website.
>Somewhere between 4.14 and the new version the report of viruses found
>by Sophos changed from stuff like
>Report: >>> Virus 'W32/Yaha-E' found in file
>to stuff like
>Adroddiad/Report: q216309.exe was infected by W32/Gibe-A
>Can someone remind me why this was please? (Means I've got to hack my
>script that works out my stats! :-( )

Are you using sophossavi instead of sophos now? In which case, it's
effectively a different scanner.
I wrote the output format of sophossavi to be as simple as possible and
easy to understand.
Julian Field
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