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Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Wed Jul 2 10:09:25 IST 2003

randyf at wrote:
>   I would like to se the silent virus list actually go the other way and
> provide the equivilent of a non-silent notification list.  Most of the
> newer viruses are doing e-mail harvesting and don't really come from the
> specified sender.  So every time a new virus pattern defined, I need to
> add this to the silent list.
>   I personally would prefer that the default action would to have the
> message NOT sent to the sender, and have the choice to send it to the
> recipient (the latter already exists, but I would need to add the pattern
> to the silent list to get the former).
>   Maybe a configuration option would be to turn the silent virus list into
> a notification white list, or provide a different list (the presence of
> which might disable the current mechanism).

but (as things stand) my Silent list has 8 entries for worm families but
Sophos detects about 82000 viruses or something. I like the fact that if
someone with old (or no) anti-virus software attaches a word document
with any macro virus in it to an e-mail, they'll get a "heads-up" to get
their act together, or if someone sends in a joke or trojan binary to a
friend, they'll get a warning that we don't want those here. My guess is
that a lot of the "new" worms which appear will just be new variants of
existing ones, and adding an extra entry to the line isn't hard...

I guess an option (off by default) to switch things around for those who
want it wouldn't hurt, but I (personally) wouldn't like to lose the
current facility...

Just my tuppenny worth though...



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