MailScanner feature request

Randy Fishel randyf at SIBERNET.COM
Tue Jul 1 21:12:23 IST 2003

  Pardon me if this has previously been requested, as there is a
significant volume of MailScanner e-mail, and I don't necessarily read it
all (and I didn't search before making this request).

  I would like to se the silent virus list actually go the other way and
provide the equivilent of a non-silent notification list.  Most of the
newer viruses are doing e-mail harvesting and don't really come from the
specified sender.  So every time a new virus pattern defined, I need to
add this to the silent list.

  I personally would prefer that the default action would to have the
message NOT sent to the sender, and have the choice to send it to the
recipient (the latter already exists, but I would need to add the pattern
to the silent list to get the former).

  Maybe a configuration option would be to turn the silent virus list into
a notification white list, or provide a different list (the presence of
which might disable the current mechanism).



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