Weird error in log after installing MailScanner

Mack Ragan ragan_davis at COLSTATE.EDU
Wed Jan 29 20:49:31 GMT 2003

Well, that's cool then.  Since that's the case, I'm gonna try to switch off
some of the features as you suggest and see if things improve.  I'll keep u

Also, another list member suggested that I make sure I was "up2date".
Here's what an "up2date -l" outputs, which I'm assuming means that anything
not listed is already "up2date"?  Here's the output:

Name                                    Version        Rel
cvs                                     1.11.2         8
cyrus-sasl                              2.1.10         1
cyrus-sasl-devel                        2.1.10         1
cyrus-sasl-md5                          2.1.10         1
cyrus-sasl-plain                        2.1.10         1
dhclient                                3.0pl1         15
krb5-devel                              1.2.5          7
krb5-libs                               1.2.5          7
libpng                                  1.2.2          8
libpng10                                1.0.13         6
net-snmp                                5.0.6          8.80.2
net-snmp-utils                          5.0.6          8.80.2
vim-minimal                             6.1            18.8x.1

You guys probably know better than I if anything here is essential to
MailScanner.  So, please advise if anything listed here should be
installed.  Note:  the output shown is what's left AFTER updating
everything that I thought was important, including the kernel.  Please let
me know if I missed something.


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