Weird error in log after installing MailScanner

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jan 29 19:28:15 GMT 2003

Loads of people (including me) run the same MailScanner setup as you, and
have no problems.
Have you tried successively switching off features to see if something
(e.g. spam checking) causes the problem on your systems?

At 19:09 29/01/2003, you wrote:
>I'm running the latest of both glibc and kernel for RH8 (that is, the
>latest stable that's available from RH).  It would seem to me that if I had
>a hardware problem, and/or if I had a fundamental lib/cpu problem, then
>this problem would have manifested itself before MailScanner was
>introduced.  It only happens when I run MailScanner.  I can kill
>mailscanner and run only sendmail and the machine runs like a mclaren f1.
>As soon as I introduce mailscanner, the machine runs like a snail and then
>dies.  Also, to further troubleshoot the problem, I installed
>RH8/sendmail/mailscanner/f-prot on a different box w/different hardware
>profile.  Same result.  Same messages in the log, and same "slow-down-to-a-
>stop" behavior.  I love your product.  It's been a godsend for us.  I'd
>like to continue using it, but I can't if using it means that email stops
>being delivered.  I'm gonna try to reinstall everything...maybe something
>got confused somewhere.  I'll letcha know the result.  If you have anyother
>suggestions please I'd like to hear them.

Julian Field
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