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Mon Jan 27 16:59:53 GMT 2003

At 16:59 27/01/2003, you wrote:
>Le lun 27/01/2003 à 11:34, Julian Field a écrit :
> > How come this is only happening with Sophos? No-one else is reporting any
> > problems, only the people using Sophos.
>Julian, could this be a multi-scanner access issue?  When I reported
>this problem I was using McAfee, then Sophos to scan email:
>Virus Scanners = mcafee sophos
>Could the two virus scanners be doing tricks on one another?  Are they
>being run in parallel or back to back?

They are run in sequence, over exactly the same files.

>One user told me that an email with a PDF file attached reached him but
>didn't make it to the mailbox of the other recipient of the same email
>who got the corrupt file message.  If this really happened, it is quite

So something screwed up the message for 1 recipient, but left it alone for 
another recipient in the same domain? That's clever!
Julian Field
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