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At 22:09 23/01/2003, you wrote:
>If I wanted to completely disable all attachment filename checking should
>I leave the config option blank, comment it out or change the rules file
>to allow all files?

Easiest way is to add at the top of the filename.rules.conf file
allow   .*      -       -
(Don't forget to use TAB to separate the 4 fields).
Then "reload" MailScanner.

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>Subject: Beta Webmin Module feedback anyone?
>Hi All,
>I'm just making the finishing touches to the next beta of the webmin
>module which I hope to have completed and release on Sunday.  For those of
>you that have downloaded (I'm sure someone has) is there any feedback on
>problems seen, new feature requests etc.
>The link again is
>The new version will/does have the following fixed :
>Maximum number of child forks now display
>Help is now available
>All file browsing buttons now work
>Plus some other minor bugs
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