sendmail 8.12.7 squawking after MS 4.11-1 upgrade

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jan 23 14:29:38 GMT 2003

At 14:10 23/01/2003, you wrote:
> > At 12:24 23/01/2003, you wrote:
> > >I am seeing the problem running version 4.05-3. I cannot find three
> close()
> > >calls in /opt/bin/mailscanner. Can you tell me exactly which file to
> examine?
> >
> > 4.05 didn't contain these close() calls, it appears. So this definitely
> > shouldn't be causing a problem. Any evidence of anything nasty happening,
> > or is sendmail just being noisy?
>As far as I can tell from looking at the sendmail code, it just complains
>but continues processing, ie does not exit.
>So in one sense we could ignore the message. But it is troubling that
>MailScanner seems to run normally for some time and the messages only
>begin later. This suggests that initially stdin, stdout, and stderr are
>open when sendmail is invoked, but later they are not. And this sounds
>like some kind of file descriptor leak.

I think it's actually caused by the file descriptor connections with the
shell being broken when MailScanner re-execs itself every few hours (see
"Restart Every" in MailScanner.conf). It's a "disconnection" and not a
leak, really.
Julian Field
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