Which Virus Scanner do I buy?

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jan 22 19:03:22 GMT 2003

At 17:05 22/01/2003, you wrote:
>I have been searching for a virus scanner that will work on a BSDi 4.0.1 box
>and came upon MailScanner.  I got it installed and working but I still have
>to plug in the virus software.  So far I've only found 2 that mention BSDi
>in their software products.  They are Kaspersky and RAV.  Problem is they
>have different products and I searched the mail archive to see which one I
>should get but sill have no idea.  RAV sells a product for Mail servers as
>well as a product for file servers.  Kaspersky does this also.  One for
>workstations one for servers and one for mail servers.  Each are priced
>differently.  What one should I get that will work with MailScanner?

You want the command-line scanner that will just scan files. Normally the
workstation version is what you want. I have just checked Kaspersky's
website, and once you specify BSDi it only offers you a mail server scanner
or a normal command-line scanner. It's the command-line one you want.
Julian Field
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