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> Try using "sophos-wrapper" instead of just "sweep" for starters. And also
> MailScanner adds a whole bunch of command-line arguments that make sure it
> checks everything.

I will give that a try... somebody else sent me a message about using
"sophos-wrapper" as well... thanks for those who responded.  As far as
the command-line arguments go, I got them from MailScanner in the first
place, so I know I know that wasn't the issue.  But the wrapper sounds
like a good thing to use.

> That's probably because it is not finding its virus data library files.

Right, which is why I thought I should try a default install of Sophos
to see if it works.  If I do that and then use "sophos-wrapper" to make
it work with MailScanner then this sounds like a workable solution.

>> I haven't called Sophos about it yet, and I do know
>> that they primarily use MailScanner for their testing of virus scanning
>> in emails
> Do they now? What about their new MailMonitor product? They became a lot
> less friendly to MailScanner after they launched MailMonitor, I don't
> think the bosses liked staff recommending their competition.

Well, we talked to Sophos just before the the year turned, as they were
trying to sell it to us before the end of their fiscal year (and we did
end up buying the license for it).  We talked with them over a conference
call with regards to setup, performance, etc.  We were using MIMEDefang
at the time, and they didn't appear to know what that product was.  They
said they would go look at it and see about supporting it officially or
something like that (I think MIMEDefang already has support for Sophos).
What they recommend for us to do was to use MailScanner instead.  They
said it was a pretty good performer and they were most familiar with it.
That was the first time we had ever heard of MailScanner.  We switched
to it and have been running it since.  As for MailMonitor, they didn't
bring it up, and until today, have never heard of it.

So, from that, you can draw your own conclusions :-)

Thanks for the help,
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