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At 10:37 22/01/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I disagree with the answer that was given... I too have a similar problem,
>though, the autoupdate script seems to work fine for me... I can see new
>IDE files getting downloaded regularly.
>The problem I experience, which is indicated below, is if I run the sweep
>program manually on the command line and try to scan several files that I
>know have viruses in them.  Sweep comes back always indicating that there
>are no viruses in the files.  However, sending the same files through email
>so that sweep can be ran against them via MailScanner works just fine.  I
>even went as far as taking the command line arguments that MailScanner uses
>to run sweep and did that myself, and it still doesn't help any.  Maybe I
>need to set some environment variables or something... in any the case,
>MailScanner obviously knows how to do the scanning better than I do :-)

By default, sweep do a "quick" sweep only on file with executable 
extensions. In order to catch much more virus, try

sweep -f -all .

And you'l get much more virus found.

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