Version 4, Exim and header rewrites - patch required?

Ray Gardener R.A.Gardener at SHU.AC.UK
Wed Jan 22 10:48:49 GMT 2003

Hi Nick,

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On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 05:47  am, Ray Gardener wrote:

> Hi,
> I have examined the spool files produced by both version 3 and 4 of
> mailscanner and think that there may be a sight bug which is
> preventing the rewriting of certain header fields. Version 3 which
> works, specifies after the header length of these fields a character
> (F in the From: header, T in the To: header). Version 4 leaves out
> these letters. The exim specification suggest that these letters
> should be there and inserting them in files produced by version 4 and
> forcing delivery gives me mail with the headers rewritten perfectly.

>>Interesting. They certainly *should* be there. Do you find that they go
>>missing with all
>>messages, or only ones which have been modified in any particular way
>>i.e. that have
>>had spam headers added, or that have had content modified, or whatever)?

I originally did the test on just clean messages and we aren't currently
using the anti-spam stuff in mailscanner as I have that stuff configured in
Exim already. The only modification that should be done is the addition of
the mailscanner header indicating that the mail is clean. However I just
sent the eicar virus through and the headers in these  aren't being
rewritten also. It may be significant that this file has the (faulty) to:
header duplicated.

>Do you add signatures to clean messages?



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