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I use sophos and f-prot as they are both "free" and work very well.
Touch wood I've never had a virus not captured at the MailScanner box
and having two scan engines gives you maximum flexibility and
reliability and Sophos is very up-to-date with ides coming out daily.  

I have had first hand experience of the power of using two AV products.
Sophos update their engines monthly and only support pervious engines
for three months.  I didn't update the Sophos engine and in January the
engine was out of date, so no updates were downloaded.  F-prot picked up
a new virus and Sophos didn't.  I checked the logs and found the Sophos
update erroring as it couldn't find the updated ides on the server (it
was looking for 362 ides).  I updated the engine and it started working
again.  If I hadn't had f-prot as well the virus would have been sent to
the Exchange server and the local AV would have had to detect and remove
it, which isn't too much of an issue but I like stopping the viruses
from getting to Exchange first.

Anyway, hope this helps


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Subject: Which Virus Scanner

Hi All

Rather than me testing all of the virus scanners that MailScanner
supports, I thought it would be quicker to hear your opions on which
virus scanner(s) you have found to be the easiest to install and keep
fully updated. I have tried Sophos, which works well, but updating the
virus engine is a bit of a pain.

What do you think ?

Also, are there any which are free and support by MailScanner ?



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