Server dying problems

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Tue Jan 21 03:48:41 GMT 2003

I can confirm that also.

I manage at least 10 DL360's with Redhat 7.1 and 7.3 distros at work.

Knock on wood, have not had any issues.  We have allot of DL360's that blow
their power supplies.  So far all 2000 boxes though, none on the Linux side.

I have been using Mailscanner for about a month now with no issues on 2
sendmail boxes. (Around 40K messages a day one of them does, incoming only.
The second box is secondary on MX so it only scans a few hundred a day)

Also I am only using Mailscanner for it's ties into SpamAssassin.   We
already were using Trend Interscan for our virus scanning. (AFTER sendmail
relay's internally)

Have not updated to the newest version of MailScanner yet..

Waiting to read through all my messages from the last few weeks from the
mailing list to make sure there are no upgrade issues.

I just wanted to say MANY thanks to the Author of MailScanner!  It's been
rock solid for us so far.

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> > You've GOT to be kidding!  Linux rocks on Compaq servers.  I
> > run Redhat on Proliant 1850's, 2500's, 6400's, 6500's and one
> > ML type machine and not ONE of them has ever given me a
> I agree.  We have Debian Linux running on a DL360.  It is great!  It's
> been running since August without a single problem.  Our previous
> mail/web server was a Compaq desktop machine.  I'm almost embarassed to
> say it was a free Celeron 266 with 256mb RAM.  Uptime on it was 373
> days!
> Uptime would have been longer, but somebody (me), pulled the wrong power
> cord when moving devices to a new UPS... Doh!
> Linux on Compaq can be very solid.
> Steve Barr
> Madison Local School District
> Mansfield, OH
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