Mailscanner + Obtuse SMTPD + Postfix

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jan 16 14:43:09 GMT 2003

It's going to be a little while before either Nick or I get around to
Postfix support.

At 13:52 16/01/2003, you wrote:
>I'm speculatively prodding the internals of mailscanner 4.x with a view
>to making it work with Obtuse smtpd.
>Largely because I have no wish to get involved with the internals of a
>working Postfix install, it seems vaguely sensible to employ a daemon
>that's designed to drop messages into a queue dir (Obtuse) and then use
>Mailscanner to scan/sanitise those messages before handing them off to
>the relevant MTA.
>I'm more than likely missing something basic, but it seems to me that
>this approach may work for other MTAs with  little code-friggery. The
>extra hassle involved is in setting up Obtuse in the first place and
>binding the existing MTA to a different (firewalled off?) port.
>The real excitement is that mailscanner seems to built on the concept of
>each message having a pair of datafiles and spoofing that could well be
>a two-cigarette problem.
>(Of course, if Postfix support is happening Real Soon Now, I can go try
>something less, um, challenging instead...)

Julian Field
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