Mailscanner + Obtuse SMTPD + Postfix

John Hawkes-Reed jkha at HPLB.HPL.HP.COM
Thu Jan 16 13:52:50 GMT 2003


I'm speculatively prodding the internals of mailscanner 4.x with a view
to making it work with Obtuse smtpd.

Largely because I have no wish to get involved with the internals of a
working Postfix install, it seems vaguely sensible to employ a daemon
that's designed to drop messages into a queue dir (Obtuse) and then use
Mailscanner to scan/sanitise those messages before handing them off to
the relevant MTA.

I'm more than likely missing something basic, but it seems to me that
this approach may work for other MTAs with  little code-friggery. The
extra hassle involved is in setting up Obtuse in the first place and
binding the existing MTA to a different (firewalled off?) port.

The real excitement is that mailscanner seems to built on the concept of
each message having a pair of datafiles and spoofing that could well be
a two-cigarette problem.

(Of course, if Postfix support is happening Real Soon Now, I can go try
something less, um, challenging instead...)


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