Installation on SuSe 7.1

Michael Meyer mime at GMX.DE
Wed Jan 15 12:39:35 GMT 2003

Johannes wrote:
> >change 'DaemonPortOptions=Addr=' to whatever you needed. eg
> >to 'DaemonPortOptions=Addr='.
> I?am not shure about that Option, what does it mean? Do i have to add the
> IP-Adress of the MailServer itself? Or is it a Dummy Adress? If it is,
> wouldn?t be be fine?

on which device(s) should sendmail listen. if you only need sendmail
as a lokal daemon, will be fine.
if you like, you can change it to, what means that sendmail will
listen on _all_ available devices.

> >change msppid in '/etc/init.d/Mailscanner' to
> >'msppid=/var/run/' or whatever, because there is no
> >'clientmqueue' in SuSE 7.1.
> Is that the way to figure out the Process ID of the Sendmail Deamon? I?ve
> got two senmail Files in /var/run, the one is itself, the
> other is sendmail/ I ain?t got any sendmail client ID... So it
> ?s probably the 'msppid=/var/run/' I have to add, right?

no the PID is given by 'srvpid'. i think you can ignore 'msppid'
without any problems.

> I thought that it is something with the Configuration in SuSE >8 which ist
> diffrent to SuSE<8... What a pitty...

SuSE >=8.0 is going more LSB conform.

> >sorry for my bad english.
> Oh, thats OK, mine isn?t any better... ;-))

as long as we understand us ... :)


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