Suse 8.1 rpm install

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jan 15 12:12:37 GMT 2003

At 11:53 15/01/2003, you wrote:
>MailScanner 4-11.1 suse rpm
>Suse Linux 8.1
>Sendmail 8.12.6
>perl 5.8.0
>spamassassin not installed.
>Notes: Suse was installed from scratch using manual install, minimum config
>with sendmail added after succesful install, as was gcc, binutils,make, patch
>Instructions from
>were followed.
>Mailscanner.conf and reports were edited to suit this site.
>  Syntax error in MailScanner script file (line 67) - two semi-colons
> missing -
>(add them yourself)

I've already fixed this for the next release :)

>Use chkconfig -s sendmail off to turn off sendmail
>Use chkconfig -s MailScanner on to turn on MailScanner
>Use chkconfig -l <service-name> to see if <service-name> is on or off.

         chkconfig sendmail off
         chkconfig MailScanner on
         chkconfig --list | grep <service-name>
work as well though?

>Hey Presto, one working email exchanger with av scanning.
>Optional: comment out all references to SENDMAIL_CLIENT_ARGS in MailScanner
>script, along with any references to $msppid (and the rc-status calls
>immediately after them). This -
>will tell why (or why not) you should do this - basically if you do not have
>users 'homed' on this server, then you can do this and it won't break
>anything, (I think!) otherwise leave it standard.
>Overall, as a long time user of MailScanner, (4-11.1 replaced 3-12.?) I think
>Julian deserves a medal for his untiring efforts, his good humour
>(MailScanner contains some of the politest error messages I have ever seen!),
>his attention to detail and his responsiveness to user requests.


>I have always advocated MailScanner against commercial programs, and with the
>4 series and its configurability, I will continue to advocate its use on any
>occasion that I can.
>Thank you, Julian.

It's a pleasure.
Have you added a comment to the "guest book" on the web site yet?
Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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