Suse 8.1 rpm install

Shane Kelly s.kelly at
Wed Jan 15 11:53:28 GMT 2003

MailScanner 4-11.1 suse rpm
Suse Linux 8.1 
Sendmail 8.12.6
perl 5.8.0
spamassassin not installed.

Notes: Suse was installed from scratch using manual install, minimum config 
with sendmail added after succesful install, as was gcc, binutils,make, patch 

Instructions from
were followed.

Mailscanner.conf and reports were edited to suit this site.

 Syntax error in MailScanner script file (line 67) - two semi-colons missing - 
(add them yourself)
Use chkconfig -s sendmail off to turn off sendmail
Use chkconfig -s MailScanner on to turn on MailScanner
Use chkconfig -l <service-name> to see if <service-name> is on or off.

Hey Presto, one working email exchanger with av scanning.

Optional: comment out all references to SENDMAIL_CLIENT_ARGS in MailScanner 
script, along with any references to $msppid (and the rc-status calls 
immediately after them). This - 
will tell why (or why not) you should do this - basically if you do not have 
users 'homed' on this server, then you can do this and it won't break 
anything, (I think!) otherwise leave it standard.

Overall, as a long time user of MailScanner, (4-11.1 replaced 3-12.?) I think 
Julian deserves a medal for his untiring efforts, his good humour 
(MailScanner contains some of the politest error messages I have ever seen!), 
his attention to detail and his responsiveness to user requests.

I have always advocated MailScanner against commercial programs, and with the 
4 series and its configurability, I will continue to advocate its use on any 
occasion that I can.

Thank you, Julian.

	Shane Kelly.	
Network Infrastructure Manager
Ayr College
+44 (01292) 265184
Opinions expressed by me are mine. 
Ayr College can  get their own.

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