Whitelist seems not to work?

David While David.While at UCE.AC.UK
Wed Jan 15 08:43:09 GMT 2003

You don't say what OS you are using but if you use RedHat then to restart
MailScanner (assuming its already running) simply do

service MailScanner reload

If its not running then you can do

service MailScanner start

regarding your conf files - if you use the rpm to upgrade MailScanner then
your conf files will not be overwritten - the package will create the new
conf files with extension .rpmnew - you can then look for differences
between you existing and new files.

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I have set domains in my whitelist and they appear not to be allowed and
are still filtered. I double
checked the mailscanner.conf for the reference to the file and I put these
changes in the whitelist.conf file under rules.

Any thoughts as to what I should be looking for?


How do I restart mailscanner without having to reboot the linux box? I did
a restart once and Mailscanner didn't work until I reinstalled it.
Plus when I make changes to my .confs, do they get overwritten on an



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