freeBSD problems continue

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jan 14 22:00:34 GMT 2003

At 21:11 14/01/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Good to see there is now a FreeBSD howto and better support:)
>I have recently installed MailScanner 4.11-1 on two machines, one is a P4
>1GB RAM, another is an older box with 128MB RAM.
>I'm still having the problem of mailscanner processes dying as I described
>late last year.  I'm back from summer vacation and need to get this problem
>fixed.  The problem is on both machines and seems worse in MailScanner 4.11.
>In the past I could just restart mailscanner every hour or so and then the
>problem would go away.  The new version sometimes complains on startup about
>being unable to compile.  A reboot fixes this problem.
>The problem is purely time dependent, not volume dependent.  The P4 doesn't
>have any mail going through it and has the same problems as the older box
>that processes large quantaties of mail.
>I'm running FreeBSD4.7 with Perl 5.00503, f-prot, Spam Assassin 2.43, razor
>I'm going to try turning off spam assassin and f-prot in the mailscanner conf
>file and see if this makes any difference.  The next thing would be to build
>another box with only Mailscanner and see what happens.
>Does anybody have any other ideas I could try?

In the main MailScanner script, there are 3 consecutive calls to "close".
Comment them out and you might see an error on the console when it dies.
Julian Field
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