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Tue Jan 14 19:03:40 GMT 2003

At 18:10 14/01/2003, you wrote:
>Has anyone created a document on how to setup MailScanner on RedHat 7.3
>with Spamassassin and Razor?

Basically, you unpack the MailScanner rpm tarball and run Note
down the commands output at the end of the installation procedure so you
know how to enable it once you have SA installed. Then download and install
SpamAssassin. I don't use Razor myself (and never have) so I'll leave the
answer to that bit to others.

>1)       I have Sendmail running as an SMTP relay, but I was wondering how
>it check the RBLs or how do I know it is working.  Does it work with the
>default install? I.e. Spam List = ORDB-RBL Infinite-Monkeys # MAPS-RBL+
>costs money (except


>2)       What do I need to do besides turn on Spamassassin in the
>Mailscanner.conf file to get the heuristic spam scanning to work?


>I know I have very basic question, but I have read and read and can not
>seem to find a document on how to integrate everything.

Everyone has to start somewhere :)
Julian Field
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