Upgrading MailScanner:

Dawes, Stephen Stephen.Dawes at GOV.CALGARY.AB.CA
Tue Jan 14 15:02:15 GMT 2003

I am not sure if I have made a mistake or not, and for that reason I am looking for conformation one way or the other.

What I have done, is to download the latest version, 4.11, of MailScanner from the Web site. Then I ran the command 
tar -xvf MailScanner <tab Key to fill in the rest of the line>
cd MailScanner <tab Key to fill in the rest of the line>
source install.sh

I am now seconding guessing myself. I did not uninstall the previous version of MailScanner before running the install command. Is this going to cause problems? Does the install script have built-in smarts to detect a previous version of MailScanner and then do the appropriate upgrades?

I couldn't find anything about this in the documentation that comes with MailScanner, so if I missed it, or if it is not there, can a brief note be added to the documentation on upgrading procedures for future releases?


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