Question about "Full headers are" in virus report to postmaster

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jan 13 10:24:40 GMT 2003

At 05:39 13/01/2003, you wrote:
>Running Redhat and MailScanner 4.11-1 and Sendmail 8.11.6.  In testing,
>I'm seeing something odd in the "Full headers are" section in the
>postmaster virus report...
>Full headers are
>  Return-Path: <^Ag>

Sendmail puts really bizarre content in that header. I have tried removing
the ^A character before, but it doesn't actually help. And there's no docs
on this, it should just contain the envelope sender address but doesn't
appear to.

>The message above shown in the Return-Path should actually read:
>(LessThan)(Carat/Control?)(Capital A with ' accent mark)(GreaterThan)
>Anybody seeing similar behavior?  It could be Sendmail or who knows??
>Thanks in advance!

Julian Field
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