FW: Setting up Black & Whitelists by domain

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Jan 12 19:46:14 GMT 2003

At 19:39 12/01/2003, you wrote:
>You Wrote:
> >Each of those directories contains a file named after each domain. So for
> >"example.com" there will be /opt/bydomain/whitelist/example.com and
> >/opt/bydomain/blacklist/example.com.
> >Each of the example.com files can contain entries of the form
> >         user at address.spam.com
> >and
> >         address.spam.com
> >and that's all. Keeping it restricted to this makes life a lot easier
>Thanks for this, will test and come back, just a couple of questions:
>Can we still add the default function for each domain?
>Do we still require 'FromTo:' i.e
>So whitelist/example.com - would look like:
>FromTo: default no
>FromTo: user at address.spam.com yes
>FromTo: address.spam.com yes
>or should it be:
>default no
>user at address.spam.com yes
>address.spam.com yes

It's even simpler than that:

user at address.spam.com

Julian Field
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