Setting up Black & Whitelists by domain

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Sun Jan 12 14:55:32 GMT 2003

> The problem we have is that everytime we add to /opt/rules/blacklist.rules the following:

> FromTo: default    no
> To: *    /opt/bydomain/

> we get a syntax error in our logs as shown here:

> "Syntax error in line 2 of ruleset file /opt/rules/spam.blacklist.rules for keyword
>   spamblacklist
>  Jan 12 14:02:21 cobaltxxxx MailScanner[3589]: Aborting due to syntax errors in
> /opt/rules/spam.blacklist.rules.

>  The same happens when we try to set the Whitelist rules.

>  Could anyone guide us or point out the errors of our ways - can this be done?

You are trying to specify a ruleset as the result of a ruleset, whereas you should only specify a yes or no (or whatever the legal values are for that option in the config file).

I don't know any easy way of achieving what you want to do, if its no possible to combine all the rules you want into a single ruleset.  If you are running a version of MS since 4.03 and you know some perl you could get your hands dirty and write a custom function in to handle this (see the top of the config file for details about how to call this function).  I imagine it would be possible to achieve what you want like that.

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