SV: Performance Enhancements

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at SVENSKAKYRKAN.SE
Fri Jan 10 10:19:08 GMT 2003

>>Another thought is with Spam Assassin.  I know it has the capability to
>>in daemon mode (spamd).  Does MailScanner even support this?  Does running
>>spamd in daemon mode give you any performance advantage at all?

>The spamd daemon merely provides a (narrow) route to the SpamAssassin code,
>which is all written in perl. MailScanner talks to the perl code directly,
>which is considerably faster than having to poke all the files down a
>socket to it. Using spamd would be slower.

I see spamd running on my MailScanner boxes (default rpm install of
I guess I could just "chkconfig spamassassin off" and MailScanner would run
just as well as before then?

regards, Tony

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