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Fri Jan 10 08:51:56 GMT 2003

The only difference between "queue" and "batch" is that, after putting the
messages in the outgoing queue, "batch" tells sendmail to do a delivery
attempt. "queue" just leaves them there for the sendmail queue runner
process to find later.

If you want to do something like put internal email into 1 queue and
outgoing email into another queue, you can make the "Outgoing Queue Dir" a
ruleset. You can also make "delivery method" a ruleset too, so you can do
different actions on mail to/from different addresses.

That *should* be enough for you to do what you want. I hope it is anyway :-)

At 07:26 10/01/2003, you wrote:
>Okay, maybe I am a bit confused about how this works... But I changed
>our queues a bit tonight on the system and decided to change MailScanner
>back to "batch" mode.  Basically, the configuration is as follows:
>  Incoming Queue Dir = /var_spool/cyrus-fast
>  Outgoing Queue Dir = /var_spool/cyrus-slow
>  Incoming Work Dir = /var_spool/MailScanner/incoming
>  Quarantine Dir = /var_spool/MailScanner/quarantine
>  Sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail
>  Deliver In Background = yes
>  Delivery Method = batch
>When I had the Delivery Method set to "queue", it worked as I expected in
>that MailScanner would deposit the email into the "cyrus-slow" queue after
>the messages had been scanned, and my cron jobs would eventually come through
>and do the delivery themselves.
>Now, what I want instead is for MailScanner to try and deliver the message
>first and if it couldn't, then and only then deposit the message in the
>"cyrus-slow" queue.  I still have the cron jobs, so the email will get
>delivered eventually.
>However, from what I can see in the logs and the behavior, MailScanner isn't
>doing any kind of delivery.  All of the messages after being scanned are put
>into the "cyrus-slow" queue.  I have sendmail configured to deliver to LMTP,
>and checking my cyrus logs shows that the lmtp server isn't even being
>contacted, meaning that sendmail isn't getting ran to do the delivery.  The
>MailScanner logs show the following:
>  Spam Checks: Found 38 spam messages
>  Spam Actions: message h0A7PmYV932698 actions are deliver
>  Spam Actions: message h0A7PVYV960562 actions are deliver
>  Spam Actions: message h0A7P1YV544776 actions are deliver
>  ....
>  Spam Actions: message h0A7PqYV947802 actions are deliver
>  Spam Actions: message h0A7PpYV963580 actions are deliver
>  Spam Actions: message h0A7PnYV958534 actions are deliver
>  Unscanned: Delivered 60 messages
>  Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
>  New Batch: Found 129 messages waiting
>  New Batch: Forwarding 100 unscanned messages, 782674 bytes
>  Spam Checks: Starting
>I am wondering about the "Unscanned: Delivered 60 messages" entry, and not
>sure what the "Forwarding 100 unscanned messages" is all about.  Am I just
>confused about what "batch" mode is all about?
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