Attempted delivery BATCH vs QUEUE

Scott Adkins adkinss at OHIO.EDU
Fri Jan 10 07:26:04 GMT 2003

Okay, maybe I am a bit confused about how this works... But I changed
our queues a bit tonight on the system and decided to change MailScanner
back to "batch" mode.  Basically, the configuration is as follows:

  Incoming Queue Dir = /var_spool/cyrus-fast
  Outgoing Queue Dir = /var_spool/cyrus-slow
  Incoming Work Dir = /var_spool/MailScanner/incoming
  Quarantine Dir = /var_spool/MailScanner/quarantine
  Sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail
  Deliver In Background = yes
  Delivery Method = batch

When I had the Delivery Method set to "queue", it worked as I expected in
that MailScanner would deposit the email into the "cyrus-slow" queue after
the messages had been scanned, and my cron jobs would eventually come 
and do the delivery themselves.

Now, what I want instead is for MailScanner to try and deliver the message
first and if it couldn't, then and only then deposit the message in the
"cyrus-slow" queue.  I still have the cron jobs, so the email will get
delivered eventually.

However, from what I can see in the logs and the behavior, MailScanner isn't
doing any kind of delivery.  All of the messages after being scanned are put
into the "cyrus-slow" queue.  I have sendmail configured to deliver to LMTP,
and checking my cyrus logs shows that the lmtp server isn't even being
contacted, meaning that sendmail isn't getting ran to do the delivery.  The
MailScanner logs show the following:

  Spam Checks: Found 38 spam messages
  Spam Actions: message h0A7PmYV932698 actions are deliver
  Spam Actions: message h0A7PVYV960562 actions are deliver
  Spam Actions: message h0A7P1YV544776 actions are deliver
  Spam Actions: message h0A7PqYV947802 actions are deliver
  Spam Actions: message h0A7PpYV963580 actions are deliver
  Spam Actions: message h0A7PnYV958534 actions are deliver
  Unscanned: Delivered 60 messages
  Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
  New Batch: Found 129 messages waiting
  New Batch: Forwarding 100 unscanned messages, 782674 bytes
  Spam Checks: Starting

I am wondering about the "Unscanned: Delivered 60 messages" entry, and not
sure what the "Forwarding 100 unscanned messages" is all about.  Am I just
confused about what "batch" mode is all about?

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