OT: Dynamically updating /etc/mail/access

Ben C. O. Grimm mailscanner-sub at WIREHUB.NET
Thu Jan 9 20:31:33 GMT 2003

On 8 Jan 2003 17:02:56 +0100, "Andrew M. Hoying" <andrewh at CQG.COM> wrote:

> I implemented this and a few other things in a script and now we are
> blocking 80%  of incoming spam without having to bother MailScanner or
> SpamAssassin with processing it.

By the way: you can add IP checking as well, by adding the LHS of
http://basic.wirehub.nl/blockedIPs.txt and a RHS of REJECT (or an error
message of your choice) to your access.db. That is how it used to work over
here before we moved IP blocking to a DNSBL.

Something like
fetch -m http://basic.wirehub.nl/blockedIPs.txt
awk '{print $1" REJECT"}' < blockedIPs.txt >> access (*)
and hashing it to an access.db is all you need, really.

(*) of course, '>' or '>>' depends on the order in which you create the
access file, and where you start adding stuff to it)

The file is not yet available through rsync, but making it available is not
too hard, of course.

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