SV: [OT] Laptop virus protection ?

Anders Andersson, IT andersan at LTKALMAR.SE
Thu Jan 9 12:45:30 GMT 2003

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> Från: Declan Grady [mailto:Declan.Grady at NUVOTEM.COM]
> Skickat: den 8 januari 2003 17:59
> Ämne: [OT] Laptop virus protection ?
> Hi,
> Sorry for the Off Topic, but I cant think of a better place 
> to ask this...
> Being a happy mailscanner user, I was surprised to find the 
> W32.Opaserv.Worm
> doing the rounds of the win98 lan machines until I tracked it 
> down to one of
> the few laptops in use here.
> I can only assume this laptop was used to dial an isp, and 
> was infected while
> online, then when it physically got 0connected to the lan,
> it had bypassed all the security measures.
> If this is the case, which is my only explanation, what do 
> you folks use to
> avoid this situation happening ?
> Is its as simple as individual anti-virus on each of the 5 
> laptops, and
> assume the user will keep it up to date ?
Never trust a single protection... users are to clever or stupid 
and catch get viruses from all places ie webb, floppy, cd's. 
I think especially with laptops you should aim to have a good 
client based AV-prog as well. Norton, NAI or something you like 
and consider safe.


> Thanks,
> Declan

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