'System Administrators' report.

Paul Hamilton paul.hamilton at sme-ecom.co.uk
Thu Jan 9 07:31:26 GMT 2003

Hi All,

Has anybody experienced the same?

We have recently set up a ruleset so that specific users receive a copy of
'System Administrators' report.

Within the 'Notices To' ruleset we have set the following:

FromTo:  default        infection at sent-to-me.xxx
FromTo: *@users-domain.xxx      user at users-domain.xxx
infection at sent-to-me.xxx

This in theory sends a copy on 'default' users to me and on the specified
user, one to
the them and one to me. This is working fine but where we specify
user at users-domain.xxx infection at sent-to-me.xxx the reports are being
duplicated so
in effect we are generating 4 copies of the 'System Administrators' report,
two to the
specified user and two to me.

If we set the specified user to:

FromTo: *@users-domain.xxx      user at users-domain.xxx

only one copy is generated (the specified users copy) but
infection at sent-to-me.xxx does not
get a copy.

We obviously would like to eliminate the duplication.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

Paul H
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