Upgrade from 4.10-1 to 4.11-1...

Philip Butler butler at GLOBESERVER.COM
Wed Jan 8 13:04:25 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I upgraded from 4.10-1 to 4.11-1 yesterday and ran into a problem that
others may have seen also.

First off, the bin/mailscanner file seems to have been renamed to
bin/MailScanner.  This was easy to fix since I had my own
check_mailscanner script that kicks things off with my own paths.

Secondly, I had to modify the bin/MailScanner file (first line only) to


        instead of


I install Mail Scanner in the /usr/local/mailscanner directory instead
of the /opt/MailScanner path.

QUESTION:  Is there a way that MailScanner can be started with a custom
-I directive without modifying Julian's distribution ??  I tried adding
the -I... to the check_mailscanner script but that didn't seem to work.

It's not a big deal to make this change, however, it makes for one more
thing to do when Julian updates.  I like seeing the frequent updates
and just want to make it easier to get them going.


Phil Butler

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