MS 4, Exim 4 on Debian 3 Install Notes

Adrian Phillips a.phillips at DNMI.NO
Wed Jan 8 09:42:31 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Mark" == mark david mcCreary <mdm at INTERNET-TOOLS.COM> writes:

    >>  Eeeek!
    >> It's generally a really bad idea to install Perl modules from
    >> CPAN on a Debian system.  If there is no package containing the
    >> CPAN module you need, then there is a helper somewhere (sorry,
    >> I can't remember what it's called) which will create a Debian
    >> package from a CPAN module with very little if any manual
    >> intervention.

Its called dh-make-perl and yes CPAN modules do work nicely on Debian
and other Linux systems BUT be careful. If you later install a Debian
(or other Linux dist.)  package after installing a CPAN module in
/usr/local then the system will continue to use the old CPAN module


Adrian Phillips

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