MS 4, Exim 4 on Debian 3 Install Notes

mark david mcCreary mdm at INTERNET-TOOLS.COM
Wed Jan 8 02:17:10 GMT 2003

>It's generally a really bad idea to install Perl modules from CPAN on a
>Debian system.
>If there is no package containing the CPAN module you need, then there
>is a helper
>somewhere (sorry, I can't remember what it's called) which will create
>a Debian package
>from a CPAN module with very little if any manual intervention.
>Anyway, you should find Debian has packages of all the modules relevant
>to MailScanner.


Thanks for that tip.  It never occured to me that straight CPAN modules
might not work, and to date, I have not had any problems using this method.

However, I will re-work this part to call in lots of debian packages.
Looks like there might be 30 or more packages.

>> Exim and Debian aspects of /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
>>     # User to run as (provided for Exim users)
>>     Run As User = mail
>>     # Group to run as (provided for Exim users)
>>     Run As Group = adm
>Why run as group adm? What's wrong with mail?

I'm trying to model existing Debian packages, and I think that's how it's
done in the Debian 3 Exim 3.36 series.

>So, after all that, what was the problem again?

Thanks for the multitude of tips.  I will rework things and try again.

I have things screwed up with regard to file permissions, and get this
error message.

Jan  6 18:26:15 wire MailScanner[5638]: Commercial virus checker failed
with real error: Can't run commercial checker sophos
("/etc/MailScanner/wrapper/sophos-wrapper"): Permission denied at
/usr/local/MailScanner/lib/MailScanner/ line 454.

It could be the mail.adm ownership, or a few other areas like that.

I'll see if it still happens after I re-work it.

Also, is there a Debian way for the SpamAssassin package.  The Woody
package is SA 2.20.

Thanks again


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