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Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jan 7 15:34:26 GMT 2003

At 15:28 07/01/2003, you wrote:
> > >Is it possible to test if the RBL-server answer and if not
> > >just skip it and do the rest?
> >
> > SpamAssassin can't do that. If you do the RBL checking with
> > MailScanner, it
> > will do what you want. SpamAssassin isn't very robust when
> > services it is
> > using fail.
> >
>My understanding (read assumption!) was that if you use MailScanner to do
>the RBL checks, and then pass to SpamAssassin for further checks that any
>message from a host found in the RBL  will be marked as SPAM, even if the
>spamassassin score would have been lower than the spam threshold.  In
>other words the mailscanner RBL checks and the spamassassin checks are
>completely seperate(?).

Correct. They are separate.
Julian Field
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