SpamAssassin timeout

Daniel Zajd daniel at ZAJD.COM
Tue Jan 7 12:52:21 GMT 2003

I also uncommented "skip_rbl_checks 1" to get rid of the Time Out. Now it
does some checking.

So if the RBL-server doesn't answer MailScanner just kills the SpamAssain
process then? Is it possible to test if the RBL-server answer and if not
just skip it and do the rest?

I saw that there is a new version (2.50) of SpamAssassin. Anyone tried it?


> On 7 Jan 2003 at 13:16, Daniel Zajd wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I got the same problem since this morning. Everything have been
>> working perfect until now. Anyone else having the same problem?
>> Suggestions?
> If you're doing RBL checks within SpamAssassin it may be down to
> that, the Osirusoft RBL seems to be having real problems at the
> moment.
> David.
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