Negative SA value and scoring

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jan 6 18:51:22 GMT 2003

At 18:44 06/01/2003, you wrote:
>This message received a SpamScore of ss (2), but got no report and did
>NOT get logged as spam in syslogd.

If the score (2) is less than your "Required SpamAssassin Score" value,
then this is exactly what you should see. This means that your users can
filter on SA scores less than your defined threshold, if they want to. If
you want to always get the spam header, you have to tell it to always
include it.

>   I am using 2.41 of SA, which I know
>has and older ruleset, but I think this is regardless of the rules.  MS
>seems to be acting on the results of SA.
>         Looking at the code in, the function to handle sascore
>doesn't check the result of SAsaysspam.  It just sees the score and acts
>on it as an integer.  Does that possibly ignore the minus sign?


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>Field wrote: > At 16:32 06/01/2003, you wrote: > >Question: > > If Spam
>Assassin returned a negative score for a piece of mail,
>would > >MailScanner still add a "Spam Score" (the sssss) to the message?
>I'm > >seeing some messages that don't have a Spam Report attached, but
>are > >getting a Spam Score of less than the threshold. The message IS
>spam, > >but has some phrases that could give it a negative value is
>SA. > > > > Does MailScanner handle the minus sign right for SpamScore
>like > > it does > >for SpamReport? > > Can you give me an example of
>exactly what you mean? > -- > Julian Field > >
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