sendmail 8.12.7 squawking after MS 4.11-1 upgrade

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Fri Jan 3 10:17:34 GMT 2003

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> > How about you just turn off AutoRebuildAliases? Quick and
> > simple solution to the problem, though I haven't a clue what
> > might be causing it. Your clock hasn't skewed has it?
>How about this?
>If autorebuild aliases is on in the cf file then presumably sendmail
>rebuilds the aliases each time the sendmail binary is run, and then
>periodically after that.  Presumably, then, when mailscanner calls
>sendmail -qI<messageID> then the aliases are rebuild as part of the
>start up of sendmail.  Hence aliases are rebuilt after every (batch of)
>message(s) scanned.

Sendmail should compare the date stamps and only rebuild it if the source
is newer than the db file(s).

>Turn off autorebuild either in your cf (well, in your m4 sources!), or
>if you feel you really do want it done periodically by the sendmail
>daemon (the sendmail -bd) then make sure it's explicitly turned off in
>the queue runs done by mailscanner with a command line option, or
>preferably make sure it's explicitly turned on by a command line option
>to the daemon sendmail (sendmail -bd -OAutoRebuildAliases=... if memory
>Just my thoughts.

Julian Field
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