sendmail 8.12.7 squawking after MS 4.11-1 upgrade

Patterson S.R. S.R.Patterson at SOTON.AC.UK
Fri Jan 3 09:27:14 GMT 2003

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> How about you just turn off AutoRebuildAliases? Quick and 
> simple solution to the problem, though I haven't a clue what 
> might be causing it. Your clock hasn't skewed has it?

How about this?

If autorebuild aliases is on in the cf file then presumably sendmail
rebuilds the aliases each time the sendmail binary is run, and then
periodically after that.  Presumably, then, when mailscanner calls
sendmail -qI<messageID> then the aliases are rebuild as part of the
start up of sendmail.  Hence aliases are rebuilt after every (batch of)
message(s) scanned.

Turn off autorebuild either in your cf (well, in your m4 sources!), or
if you feel you really do want it done periodically by the sendmail
daemon (the sendmail -bd) then make sure it's explicitly turned off in
the queue runs done by mailscanner with a command line option, or
preferably make sure it's explicitly turned on by a command line option
to the daemon sendmail (sendmail -bd -OAutoRebuildAliases=... if memory

Just my thoughts.

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