Problem updating Sophos with MailScanner 3.26-2

Stanier, Alan M alan at ESSEX.AC.UK
Thu Jan 2 13:28:24 GMT 2003

> You're not doing anything wrong, as such.  You need to 
> install the latest version of Sophos.  Sophos only provide 
> IDES for versions less than three months old. Grab the latest 
> package from the website (then you get 3 months rather than 2 
> months from the CD version).

Thanks for that. But that is what I thought I had done ... I
obtained the latest version of, put it
on /tmp, then

cd /tmp

It was at the end of that that I got the warning about
File Descriptors.

I believed that to install the lastest version of Sophos: was
I wrong?

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